FDCam Reviews: The Streamlight Survivor LED

Hanging on a coat on the engine


  • Best-in-class beam
  • 4AA/LED configuration is lightweight while still retaining good runtime
  • Solid Ergos
  • Switching modes is simple and intuitive


  • Not as water-proof as some of it’s competition
  • Cool tint to LED’s washes out color
  • Focused beam doesn’t provide much working light
  • Rechargeable version is pretty spendy


  • 140 Max Lumens
  • 2.5-3.5 hr runtime on High
  • 13.1 oz (17.9 oz  for rechargeable)
  • $60-$70 ($120+ for rechargeable)


Overview:  90° or “right-angle” flashlights are a fire service staple, and for good reason:  They are perfect for providing hands-free forward illumination when clipped to your turnout coat.  And in the world of right-angle lights, the Streamlight Survivor is king (at least for now).  It’s a practical, well thought out light that just plain works.

Clip and spilt ring.

The texturing on the third gen Survivor LED is much more refined than past versions.

Body:  The Survivor is built with a tough but lightweight nylon case that Continue reading