A side view of the Command 20


  • Weight:  8.4 oz stated (8.9 oz on our scale)Logo
  • Light Output:  60 Lumens
  • Beam Profile:  Flood (Wide, General Area Lighting)
  • Run Time on “High”:  16hr (rechargeable – 7hr)
  • Price:  $84.99 – $95.99


  • Rugged, reliable, and heat resistant
  • Doesn’t interfere with operation of helmet visor
  • Hides its weight well, due to excellent balance
  • Lengthy runtime even on high
  • The two green LED’s in the array help with depth perception and color rendering in mild to moderate smoke conditions


  • Not as bright as some others in its class (as it is a headlamp, this could just as easily go in the PRO column)
  • Unfocused beam not very useful outdoors
  • Long runtime comes at the cost of increased weight
  • Needs a helmet equipped with Bourke® shields or EZ-Flips® to really shine.
  • Can’t really be used as a regular headlamp without ordering additional straps


  • Providing general work lighting in mild to moderate smoke conditions
  • Overhaul
  • Helmet Cam Filming of Interior Operations


  • Princeton Tec Apex
  • Streamlight Septor
  • Pelican 2640 HeadsUp Lite
  • Petzl Duo LED 14
  • Surefire Saint
Not enough spill beam for general work.

Lights like this Pelican Big Ed have a narrow beam angle. Great for cutting smoke, not so great at other illumination tasks.

INTRODUCTION:  As firefighters, we tend to look for lights with tight beams to help us see through thick smoke.  What we often fail to realize, Continue reading

Fire Helmet Cam User Manual – FDCam

FDCam – Fire Helmet Cam User Manual

The user manual will be a dynamic document.  As we grow and respond to feedback from our customers, the manual will get better and better.

If you have any suggestions or questions  that aren’t addressed in this version, please post a comment here.  Good or bad, we would love to hear from you.

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