FDCam Apple Tutorials: Setting the Date and Time on Your Fire Helmet Cam

Fire helmet cam mac tutorials.When you’re an Apple user, it sometimes seems like the whole world is against you.  Well, here at FDCam, we embrace the Mac.  But lately we’ve been getting a lot of requests for instructions specific for the Apple User.  FDCam’s Apple Tutorial Series will address the initial set-up of your helmet cam’s software.  Today’s installment will cover setting the time and date on your FDCam fire helmet cam.

Step 1:  Connect your FDCam to your Mac via the supplied USB cable.
Your Mac will automatically call your fire helmet cam No Name

You will see a device drive icon appear on your screen. If this is your first time connecting this helmet cam or SD card, or if you’ve never renamed your camera, the drive will be called No Name.  For the rest of the tutorial, we will refer to your device as No Name.

Step 2:  Double-click your device’s icon (No Name) to open the drive.
Open fire helmet cam device window.

No Name’s device window will open. There are two files already installed on the card by your FDCam the moment you connected it. Disregard those for now.

Step 3:  Click on “Applications” in the side-bar
Open the app "TextEdit" to bring up the needed text window

Scroll down to the application called TextEdit.

Step 4:  Double-click TextEdit to open the application.
The window is a rich text document, your helmet cam needs

A window will open with a blank text document.

Step 5:  Click the Format tab at the top of the page and select Make Plain Text from the drop-down menu.
Your helmet cam's time and date must be set with a "Plain Text" file.

The rich text document will then change its appearance to that of a plain text document.

Step 6:  In the body of the plain text window, type in the desired time and date according to the format shown:

The format for entering the date and time must be exactly right for you to successfully time stamp your videos. Enter the current date and military time precisely, according to the above format.

Step 7:  Click the File tab at the top of the page and select Save from the drop down menu.
Select "Save" from the "File" menu

Clicking Save will open the device’s Save window.

Step 8:  In the Save As box, enter the name “time”.  Then click the Save button at the bottom of the window to save the file into “No Name”.
Rename the text document "time" and save it into your devices files.

Your settings should the same as those on this screenshot. If they are not, adjust them so that they are, before hitting Save.

The time and date are now saved and will appear at the bottom right of your videos.  You may now close any remaining windows and Eject the device from your Mac.  After properly Ejecting the device you may disconnect the USB cable.

Test to ensure that the correct date and time are showing on your videos by taking a short video, then uploading it to your computer.  If it is not correct, retrace your steps.  If you are still unsuccessful (or if you just need some one to talk to :), then call 904-253-3855 or email FDCam Customer Support at customersupport@fdcam.com

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