Are you Playing or Working with it???

Ok…Let me let you off the hook right away. I’m talking about Helmet Cams. Well, we own and operate a fire helmet camera company, what’d you expect? But my question still stands.

The wheels started turning the other day when I got a Tweet from our friend PJ Kellam from Facing Backwards blog. He shared some of his favorite helmet cam videos & stated the usefulness in them. All of this along with the recent semi-down time since the Christmas rush and I began to wonder about you guys. So far our customers stand on one of two sides of the fire department spectrum. You are an administrator or Chief and purchase cams to enhance training and accountability OR you ride in the seat and like to add kick ass music to some really good working fires so the world doesn’t have some distorted Hollywood image of what real firefighting is. (I apologize if I didn’t peg you in one of those round holes). If you are wondering we started out as the latter, I began taking notice to fire helmet footage close to 6 years ago now. For those of you who I havent told already, we went to a 2-story set job that they didn’t quite get going the night before. Luckily (for me) when shift change rolled around they set it again & it was cooking. While we were picking up I saw one of the truckies helmet cam…Needless to say, after watching the video I was hooked. YouTube watch out!

Ok, fast forward a few years & now I’m an experienced YouTube Firefighter AND Fire Helmet Camera Co. Owner…So I’ll let you all in on a secret. Marketing fire porn guys is easy! Get some awesome fire footage, keep your head still & pick your favorite NickleBack song (sorry, couldn’t help it…we all know you can only use AC/DC or Metallica). BUT looking a Dept. Chief or Administrator in the face and actually “selling” them 20+ cameras and not having a sticking point of “…Plus you can add your favorite  songs!”, well, to be honest it kinda makes me sweat under the collar a little bit. So I turn to my favorite resource…You. The guy riding backwards, the right seat officer AND the training coordinators. What do you with your helmet camera? Are you waiting to pick out your next song? Or are you charging you cam for the training burn next week? And no matter what, are you guys watching your next movie at the breakfast table? Does each guy (Officer, Driver, Firefighter) give his/her perspective as you pause the tape?

I ask all of these rhetorically. Because for me, I’m checking all the boxes. I’m still looking to make “badass fire videos” and I’m looking to get better with each and every fire. I want to hear to 25yr veteran as he critiques my work. I also want to walk in the training academy and see one of my fires playing to the latest recruit class. I’m learning  more each day as Co-Owner/Partner here at the skies the limit with Helmet cams…Whats my vision for helmet cam uses and training suggestions…that’ll have top wait for the next post…The bell won’t stop going off & it’s Friday night…I’d better get some sleep while I still can. Stay Tuned for more…

Stay Safe out there,


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