About The New Helmet Cam Firefighter Blog

Here at the Helmet Cam Firefighter blog, we focus on fireground video and the way it is literally changing the face of the fire service.

We feature articles and videos by seasoned firefighters and subject matter experts. Here you can find:

  • In depth reviews of the gear firefighters use for videography (lights, cameras, mounts, etc)
  • How-to’s and other content that will help you use the tools of fireground video
  • Best practices and discussions of legal/ ethical issues regarding fireground video

We are also fascinated by technology and ideas. Increasingly, we will be featuring articles, video, and other content that discusses change in the fire service and how new social trends and technologies effect firefighters and fire departments.

The blog is updated at least every Monday. So please check back frequently. Anyone is welcome here – career and vollies, chiefs and managers, union reps and advocates, or even just members of the public – Anyone with something to learn or something to contribute.

We hope you enjoy your time here, please do not hesitate to comment, email, or join us on your favorite social media site.

– Arin Pace

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